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Specific Golf Definitions within the Putting Game are extensive. Having a solid grasp on these golfing terms will enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Test your Putting vocabulary against the words in this section of Golf Terms on Putting!

(This glossary of Golf Terms about the "Putting Game" is not all-inclusive, and is aimed primarily at the beginner and weekend golfer levels.

Words which are italicized in green are also defined elsewhere in this glossary of Golf Definitions.

Golf Definitions - Putting E:


Elevated Green: Within Golf Definitions, the term "elevated green" refers to a green that is higher in elevation than the fairway leading up to it. This usually indicates that the sides of the green slope upward to a putting surface that is higher than its surrounding elements (Apron and first-cut turf).

Also, on a par-3, a green that is higher than the "teeing ground" is also known as an "Elevated Green".

Etiquette (Putting): "Putting Etiquette" is a set of rules, both written and unwritten, that governs behavior on a Putting Green. It comes down to basically just good manners! Following are a few of the most important rules:

    Etiquette Rules
  • Refrain from moving, talking, or making extraneous noises prior to or during another players putting turn.
  • Do not carry any "noise-making" electronic devices on your person while on or near the Green. Turn off cell phones!
  • Do not stand near or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the Hole, when a player is about to Putt.
  • Do not walk on, stand, or cast a shadow on another player's putting "target-line" prior to or during the player's turn.
  • Remain on or close to the putting green until the remaining players have completed their putting turns.
  • Do not forcefully shout following a stroke or putt. The loud noise may not bother you or the playing partners, but there are other players on the golf course within earshot.
  • Avoid damage to the putting surface by not; Pounding with your putter, dropping the flagstick, digging with your spikes, standing on the Rim of the "Cup", or leaning on your putter while removing your ball from the Hole.

For additional information on "Putting Etiquette", there will be a specific section on the subject within this Website.

Golf Definitions - Putting F:


Flagstick: Within Golf Definitions, a "Flagstick" is a tall pole used to indicate the position of the hole on a green. The flagstick is usually an aluminum pole with a triangular "flag" attached to the top.

Follow-through: That part of the swing/stroke that occurs after the ball has been struck.

Fringe: The closely mown grass between the green and the fairway, usually around five feet in width. Also, called the "apron".

Frog Hair: "Frog hair" is a golf slang term for the Apron or Fringe, which is the closely mown grass surrounding the Green.


Golf Definitions - Putting G:


Gimme: In non-tournament play, a "Gimmie" refers to a putt that the other players agree can count automatically without actually being played. Therefore, conceding the Score for that putt.

Green: Within Golf Terminology, the "Green"is an area of specially prepared grass where the hole or "cup" and flagstick are located, and where the putting action occurs. Also, known as the putting green.

Grip: The act of placing and subsequently positioning the hands on the golf putter shaft. There are several recognized "putting grips" involved in the putting game. The purpose of a proper gripping style is to give you control over the putter clubhead to allow for squaring the clubhead at the point of impact.

Following are a few of the more prevalent styles used among Professional and amateurs players:

    Gripping Styles
  • Reverse-Overlap Grip: The most popular putting grip is the time-tested reverse-overlap style. This grip has the right hand on the putter with the thumb running down the center of the putter shaft, along with the forefinger of the left hand placed over the fingers of the right hand. A variation of this style requires the placement of the forefinger of the right hand down the putter shaft.
  • Claw Grip: The Claw Grip has the right hand gripping the putter shaft similar to the style utilized for the "Long Putter". One prevalent fault for many players is to allow the right hand to overpower the left during the forward swing and follow through, thus causing the putt to be pulled left of the target-line. The purpose of the "Claw Grip" is to help eliminate that pulling tendency. The left hand is separated from the right and is used to "pull" the putter shaft through the stroke. The right hand is resting on the putter shaft with a very gentle grip.
  • Prayer Grip: In the case of the "Prayer Grip" style of holding the putter shaft, your hands will be placed alongside each other on the grip. This grip causes the shoulders to be in a "neutral" or level position, not tilted. (This grip is also appropriate, because you need all the prayer help you can get to make that "tricky" Putt!

Grounding-the-clubhead: To place the putter clubhead behind the ball on the ground at address, just prior to initiating the backswing of the "Putter Stroke".

Grow teeth: This is a Golf Slang term used when a golfer begs the ball to "stop quickly"! (Especially when the putt is a "Laser" zooming past the Hole!

Be sure to get the proper golf definitions of your putter and your driver.

Golf Definitions - Putting H:


High Side: The side of the Hole that a Putt breaks from, towards the hole. Also, known as the "Pro" side.

Hitting (Action): A term referring to the action taken when striking the ball during the Putting Stroke.

Hole: A 4 ½" diameter hole bored 4" in the ground which is located on the green. There is only one Hole per green and is designated by a pole or flagstick inserted in the hole. The hole is also known as the "Cup".

Hole Location: The location of the "Hole" on the putting green is referring to its location within the perimeter of the putting surface. The Hole is usually cut no closer than 15 to 20 feet from the "Fringe". It can be placed towards the front of the putting green, as well as the center (front to Back), and towards the rear.

A different colored flag attached to the "Flagstick" denotes the placement front to back. The Hole location is changed daily on most golf courses to keep the game challenging.

Hole-Out: The term "Hole Out" can be used as a noun or a verb:

  • Noun: A "Hole-Out is a shot that results in the ball dropping into the "Cup". Therefore, each final stroke on a given "Hole" is a "Hole-Out because the play on that Hole is not complete until the last player's golf ball finds its way to the "Cup". (Unless it has been a conceded putt!)
  • Verb: To "Hole-Out" is to finalize the score on any given green, by putting the ball into the "Cup". The past-tense is "holed out."

Hole-the-Putt: This Golf Glossary term is referring to when a golfer intends to stroke the ball into the Hole; it means their goal is to "Hole-the-Putt". Hosel: The cylindrical portion of the putter clubhead into which the putter shaft is cemented.

Golf Definitions - Putting I:


Impact: The moment in the Putting Stroke when the putter strikes the ball.

Intermediate-Target: When a player selects an imaginary line or "Target-Line" from behind their golf ball and forward to the chosen target, they then can choose an "Intermediate-Target" a few feet in front of the ball to help with alignment or aiming properly.

In-The-Leather: The Golf Lingo phrase "In-The-Leather" is denoting that a putted ball is close enough to the Hole to be conceded by the other players. That distance from the Hole, is the length between the "Hosel" of the putter club head and the beginning of the hand grip on the controlling end of the putter.


Golf Definitions - Putting J:


Jaws: This is one of those Golf Words used when a player says "He Left It Right In the Jaws", he means his Putt stopped just short of falling in the "Cup". That yearning chasm between the final resting place of the ball and the Hole can sometimes be devastating to a player when high stakes are involved.

Golf Definitions - Putting K:


Knee-Knocker: The Golf Slang term "Knee-Knocker" is denoting a nervous reaction of the golfer when they have a short Putt (3 to 4 feet) remaining for the next Putt.

Golf Definitions - Putting L:


Lag: The Golf Language term "Lag" denotes the occasion when a player has a very long Putt to the Hole, and is hoping to get the ball within "Tap-In" range.

Line-Of-Play: The pre-selected and expected path of the ball to the "Cup" while putting. According to the "Rules of Golf", the term "line of play" refers to the direction in which the putted ball is expected to travel. The putting "Line-Of-Play extends from the ball to the Hole.

Lip-Out: The Golf Slang term "Lip-Out" is used when a Putt hits the "Lip" of the "Cup", and "spins out".

Looking Up: Prematurely lifting your head to follow the ball along the putting line.

Golf Definitions - Putting M:


Mark-The-Ball: The Golf Jargon term "mark-the-ball" alludes to writing something on the golf ball (other than the Manufacturer's markings) of a personal nature, such as a player's name, initials or dots. It is a good idea to place a line or complete circle around the perimeter of the ball for "Lining-Up" to the putting target-line.

It is also the responsibility of the player to identify their ball. According to "The Rules of Golf", Rule # 6-5 states: "The responsibility for playing the proper ball rests with the player. Each player should put an identification mark on his ball.

Marking-The-Ball: This term refers to denoting the golf ball's position on the Green before picking up the ball. This is done by placing a "Ball Marker" such as a small coin or token on the Green prior to lifting the ball for cleaning, inspection, or alignment purposes so that the original spot of the ball is preserved.

Miss-read: A term meaning to "miss-read" the Green prior to putting the ball. When an improper putting line is chosen the putted ball does not follow the correct or intended putting target-line.

Golf Definitions - Putting N:

N..... (Sorry no Golf Language "N' terms available)

Golf Language - Putting O:


Off-Green Putting: A fundamental practice by golfers when their ball is just off the green and they choose to use their putter to putt the ball instead of a club normally used for chipping. The ball is ordinarily on the fringe or beyond in the shorter grass with a fairly level approach to the green.

Offset: When the leading edge of the putter clubface is set back from the "Hosel". This design feature helps the golfer get their hands ahead of the ball at impact.

Open Clubface: When the putter clubface is angled to the right of the target-line. When the ball is putted with the clubface in this position at impact, the ball will travel to the right of the intended putting line.

Golf Definitions: Hole in nothing, missed ball, and sand the divot

We hope you have found this Golf Definitions list on Terms of the Putting Game helpful.

Knowing the basic putting terms should make your game more interesting and informative!

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