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What about Golf Lingo? When discussing the vast volume of Golf Terminology definitions, you will find that there are 'Golf Lingo' words that many golfers use in their everyday playing of the game.

We have collected a few of the more common (censored) words used in the golfing world of today.

We hope you find these terms interesting and fun!

(This glossary of Golfing Terms is not all-inclusive, and is aimed primarily at the beginner and weekend golfer levels.

Words which are italicized in green are also defined elsewhere in this Golf Lingo Glossary)

NOTE: All Terms Assume a Right-Handed Player

Golf Lingo Term N:


Nineteenth Hole: Within Golf Terminology this is a term referring to the "Clubhouse Bar" visited after an 18-Hole round of golf. This is where golfers can talk about the one that "Got Away"!

'Golf Stories' are part of Golf Lingo

Nip it: The Golf Slang term "Nip It" means to hit an iron shot without taking a divot. This is a "clean" hit which tends to reduce the amount of backspin.

Nuked: You have "Nuked" it when hitting a golf shot with a particular club and achieve your maximum distance for that particular club. (This is when you obtain a greater distance than your average or typical distance).

Golf Lingo Term O:


OB: This Slang term stands for "Out-Of-Bounds". (Definitely a place to avoid)

On fire: Remember that one day a few months ago when you were "In-The-Zone" and the game was easy and you couldn't miss? Well golf language says that you were "On Fire"!

Golf Lingo Term P:


Pin high: A Golf Language term relating to the final resting place of the ball relative to the Flagstick. Even if your ball lands off the Green to the left or right, you can still find your ball even (front to back) with the Hole, which is known as "Pin High".

Pin-seeker: Hitting a ball straight for the flagstick is hitting a "Pin-Seeker". The ball acts like a "Heat-Sensing" guided missile.


Golf Lingo Term Q:


Quail high: A golf shot poorly hit that flies very low to the ground. A "Quail-High" shot flies like a Quail. This type of hit is also referred to as a "Worm-Burner".

Quick: Rushing your swing or trying to hit too hard is known as being "Quick". This usually ends of being a poor golf shot.


Golf Lingo Term R:


Rainmaker: A "rainmaker" is a golf slang term describing a golf shot with a very high trajectory. It is so high it seems to reach the clouds where the "Rain" resides!

Ready golf: "Ready Golf" is a method of playing the game of golf. It means whichever player is "Ready" to play, goes ahead and hits disregarding the "who's away" ruling.

It also means to have your club ready to go before you get to your next shot. This type of play moves the game along at a faster pace.

Reload: To "Reload" is akin to taking a "Mulligan" from the Tee Box. It means taking a second shot from the Tee after a poor first shot. These shots are also known as a "Do-Over".

Robbed: The Slang word "Robbed" is commonly used by a player who has just barely missed making a successful golf shot. The player contends that "Lady Luck" bailed out on him.

Actually it really means the player probably hit a good shot, but it wasn't quite "Good enough"!

Getting 'Robbed' is a definite part of Golf Lingo

Golf Lingo Term S:


Saddam Hussein: A Slang term associated with going from bunker to bunker. (Criminal-In-Hiding)

Sampler: A box of golf balls featuring one sleeve of every type a Ball Manufacturer makes.

Sand Bagger: A golfer who can play better than he claims or that his historical "Score" indicates. He uses this ploy to win tournaments and side bets.

Sandie: Slang language for a "Sand Save", meaning that Par was saved even after landing in the Greenside Bunker.

Scratch: A Slang term meaning a golfer who has a Handicap of "Zero".

Short grass: Better known as the "Fairway". Just outside the fairway is the "First Cut" (a little longer grass), and further outside yet is the "Rough" (much longer grass and weeds).

Short stick: The term "Short Stick" is in reference to the "Putter", as it is the shortest club in the bag.

Skank: The Slang term "Skank" refers to a very poor golf shot. This term is similar to a "Flub".

Snowman: The slang term "Snowman" in golf is a score of "8" on any particular golf hole. The connation is for the likeness to a "Snowman", one large ball of snow atop another.

Squirrel: When playing either a "Par 4" or a "Par 5" and your Tee shot does not land in the Fairway but instead ends up in the rough, it is to be considered "With-The-Squirrels"!

Sunday Ball: A "Sunday ball" is considered the same thing as a "Do-Over" or a "Lunch Ball", and similar to taking a "Mulligan".

Golf Lingo Term T:


Tap in: A "Tap-In" is a short, easy to make Putt. Usually the Putt partners will concede.

Tee Way Back: Chinese for a long yardage Golf Hole. Usually the Professional Tee Box location.

Teel-Putt: A Slang term used when the players third putt also fails to fall in the "Cup". So named after a Mr. Kevin Teel.

Tester: A term applied to a situation where a Putt is to too far away for a "Gimmie", but short enough so that a good putting Golfer should hole it, so called because it tends to test a Golfer's skill.

Texas wedge: In Texas, where hard, dry conditions make it less risky to putt from off the green, a golfer will tend to utilize their Putter for the stroke at hand. The Putter is then considered a "Texas Wedge".

The Tips: "The tips" is a Slang term for the Championship Tees on a golf course.

Tight: This is a Slang term for "Hardpan". In other words there is very little grass under the ball, and usually only "Dirt". In this case you have a "Tight Lie".

Tote (Golfer's): This Slang term is referring to an all-purpose bag that is designed to hang on the motorized Golf Cart. This is a weatherproof hand bag for carrying small personal items when on the golf course.

Twigs: A set of golf clubs sometimes are referred to as "Twigs" or "Sticks".

'Bad golf shots are part of the normal Golf Lingo.

Golf Lingo Term U:


Ugly: A slang term used when bad things happen during a poor golf shot. These shots are known as being quite "Ugly". Those shots are first cousins to Mr. "Skank" and Mr. "Flub"!

Up and down: The term "Up-And-Down" is referring to being able to come out of a difficult or "tricky" situation in your Short Game, and still finish with a Par Score.

U-turn: A slang term referring to a Putt that rolls almost all the way around the edge of the "Cup" before actually coming out and around without falling in.

Golf Lingo Term V:


Valleys: A slang term referring to relatively flat areas between mounds on a green with sharp undulations.

Victory lap: A slang term for the "Circle" a Putt makes around the rim of the "Cup" before actually falling in!

Velcro: When used as a slang term in golf, "Velcro" refers to the speed of the Putting Green on a golf course. "Velcro Greens" are ones that are very slow, like maybe a 5-6 Stimp-speed rating.

Golf Lingo Term W:


Waggle: As part of their Pre-Shot Routine, some Golfers will move the club head back and forth above the ball before beginning the takeaway. This action is commonly known as a "Waggle".

Watery Grave: Better known in Slang terms as a final resting place for your "Miss-Hit" shot over a water hazard.

Weekend warriors: This slang term refers to Golfers who play infrequently, so called because the only time they can play is on "Weekend".

Whiff: A term used to describe a complete miss of the ball with a very poor golf swing.

Wormburner: A poorly hit golf shot that never gets but a few feet off the ground. This term is similar to a "Quail" shot.

X (Sorry no "X" terms available)


Golf Lingo Term Y:


Yank: This term is used when a Putt is pulled sharply to the left.

Yips: A slang term concerning a nervous disorder that afflicts some players during their "putting stroke" on the green.

A distinct difficulty in taking the putter back, along with "Twitchy Hands" and the absence of optimism, constitutes a case of the"Yips".


Golf Lingo Term Z:


Zone (In-The): Playing "In-The-Zone" is similar to "Being-In-The-Moment", which means you are completely relaxed, thinking only of the target, and are on "Auto-Pilot" with your swing mechanics!

'Breaking Rules' is a part of Golf Lingo

We hope you found the Golf Slang terms you were looking for, and enjoyed the trip through these interesting and funny Golf Language interpretations.

Remember, Golf Terminology is important to your overall command of the game!

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