D.I.G.S. (Dynamic Integrated Golf Simulation)

What Is Dynamic Integrated Golf Simulation? “Repetitive golf related actions, under simulated playing conditions including realistic mental challenges and tension”.

Commonly known as “Practice”! However, we will explain in this article how very much different D.I.G.S. is from the normal “Golf Practice Routine”.

Famous Golf Quote; Golf Simulation puts brains in your muscles

I have caught myself on many occasions (while just leaving the Driving Range) saying to my playing partners “yep, I just wasted all my good shots so we can Tee-Off now!”

Why is it we can hit a multitude of good golf shots during practice on the Putting Green, Golf Short Game & Bunker practice area, and golf driving ranges, but yet when we get out on the Golf Course – - we sometimes just can’t buy a good hit?

There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. We normally have very little stress or anxiety while practicing, and we hit multiple shots the same way with the same club. We are bound to get a number of good shots in a relatively short period of time, Right?
  2. We can relax and focus on each shot without anybody watching us, and with virtually no mental pressure. We know the shot doesn’t count! No one golf shot will affect our golf scores, nor winning or losing the tournament or even the side bet with our playing partners. We just wish we could take that “A” game to the playing course!
  3. There is considerable apprehension on the course, particularly on the 1st Tee Box, because we haven’t just hit 4 or 5 shots a minute ago like the one we are now facing. This time we only have one chance to get it right, with everybody watching! Stressful!
  4. So what do we do? We get all tensed up and our golf swing becomes way too fast in order to smack that ball and relieve our tension! Boom! We hit it fat, top it, or shank it. Frustration City! Now we get all messed up and lose our confidence about hitting the next shot. Here comes another lousy 18-Hole score.

So What's The Solution?

  1. We need to bring stress, apprehension and tension to our golf practice drills to simulate playing conditions. Make practicing even more difficult and challenging than playing the actual course! This is Golf Simulation.
  2. Bring relaxation, focus, and confidence to the playing course. Again, this is Golf Simulation.

That sounds simple enough, right? So how do we bring stress, apprehension and tension to the practice arena, similar to what we have been experiencing on the golf course?

Following are some ideas to consider:

  • Devise a series of Golf Drills & Competitive Golf Practice Games which include stress, apprehension and tension. Score and record the results! You can then set goals to compete against yourself and your previous practice scores. Stretch yourself! Got Golf Simulation?
  • Perform these drills and practice games with your playing partners and attach some sort of wager to the scores, such as; loser buys breakfast, 50 cents per Hole, etc. This makes practice fun!
  • This sounds easy, but you will find that with your partners watching and with rewards and/or penalties to follow, there will be stress, apprehension and tension involved!
  • You will find that after several of these competitive sessions, you will begin conditioning yourself to actual playing conditions.
  • Another benefit is that by keeping records of your golf scores, and graphing the results; you will see trends of improving your game and increasing your confidence!
  • Your Golf Score Card will look much better!

Famous Golf Quote; Golf Simulation is practicing smart

If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of devising these golf drills and competitive golf practice games, relax, I am already working on this for you! See the sample diagram below. The complete explanation for utilizing this Putting Practice Game for improving your scoring ability is included in a new article called: Putting Practice

So now how do we Bring relaxation, focus, and confidence to the playing course, similar to what we have been experiencing in the practice arena?

Here are some ways this can be accomplished:

  1. By pre-conditioning yourself to stress, apprehension and tension during practice sessions, actual play on the course will seem far less intimidating. Now you are experiencing Golf Simulation!
  2. You will have a sense of increased confidence, be able to focus better on each shot, and be far more relaxed
  3. At this point it would also be advisable to gain some knowledge from a Professional concerning confidence, relaxation and focus

I would like to recommend someone I feel really has his act together in these areas. His name is Adam Sprackling. His website is singlemindedgolf.com

Adam is a “Mental Golf Coach” and a single digit golfer.

He has degrees in Business and Psychology. He is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Programming, Time Line therapy and Master Hypnotherapist. He has books and audio programs on the mental aspects of golf. Do yourself a favor and check out his website. (I think Adam may talk about Golf Simulation in other ways)

Famous Golf Quote; Golf Simulation is 90% Mental

Hope this article helps you to become a better, happier golfer!

Thanks again for Visiting Us!



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