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When analyzing the huge volume of Golf Slang definitions, you will find that these are Golfing Terms which many golfers use in their everyday playing of the game.

We have collected a few of the more common (censored) words used in the "Golfing World" of today.

We hope you find these terms interesting and fun! (This glossary of Golf Slang Terms is not all-inclusive, and is aimed primarily at the beginner and weekend golfer levels.

Words which are italicized in green are also defined elsewhere in this Golf Slang Glossary

Note: All Terms Assume a Right-Handed Player

Golf Slang A:


Ace: Hitting the ball directly from the Tee into the hole or "Cup" with one swing of the club. It is usually executed on a Par three (3). Also known as a "Hole-In-One".

"A" Game: A golfer's best game which he/she is able to execute on a consistent basis.

Afraid Of The Dark: A putted ball which refuses to fall in the hole.

Air mail: When a golf shot travels (like a jet airliner) and flies much further than planned.

Albatross: A hole played three (3) strokes under Par. Also known as a Double Eagle.

Adolf Hitler: Two shots in the bunker

Army Golf: The term "Army Golf" originates from the famous Army marching cadence: Left-right-left, which relative to the game of golf, means hitting the ball out of bounds to the left one time to the right the next and so on. (With just a few hit straight down the middle!)

'Play Golf' is included in Golf Slang

Golf Slang Terminology B:


Back Nine: The last nine holes on an 18-Hole golf course. Playing the "Back Nine" is referred to as "Heading In" (towards the Clubhouse).

Back Door: The term "Back Door" is in reference to the far side of the putting "Cup". When approaching the hole, the putted ball catches the rim of the cup and curls around about half of the hole before falling in the "back" side.

Backhander: Casually striking the ball with the back-side of the putter to "Hole" a very short putt.

Bag rat: The term "Bag Rat' is a derogatory comment referring to the Caddy.

Banana Ball: A golf slang term for a very sharp fade shot known as a "slice". The ball travels in a "banana-shaped" curve.

Barkies: Specifically, a slang term for hitting trees, but obtaining a good score in spite of it. On a drive where the ball travels into the woods and hits the trees, you could say the golfer got a lot of "good wood" on that shot. Oak, elm, pine…….

Beach: "Beach" is a golf slang term for a sand bunker.

Big Dog: A slang term for the "Driving" club. Golfer's use this expression, "Time to let the big dog eat", when they finally decide to use the driver instead of a higher lofted and shorter club.

Buzzard: The term "buzzard" is a synonym for a "Double Bogey" or two strokes over Par on any individual golf hole.

Golf Slang C:


Cabbage: A term referring to hitting the ball into very deep and inescapable thick rough. Also called spinach.

Can: A term referring to the Hole or "Cup" on the Green. Having "Canned" the putt, he won the tournament.

Carpet: A common term referring to the "Green".

Cart Jockey: "Cart jockey" is a term usually used in reference to a Golf Club staff person whose job it is to manage the course's motorized golf carts.

Cat Box: The term "Cat box" is commonly referred to as a sand bunker. (The sand resembles the "Litter" used in cat boxes).

Chicken Stick: A play-it-safe club is known as a "Chicken stick". When faced with a tough or delicate shot, a golfer will choose a club that is within his capabilities to properly execute the shot.

Chili Dip: A Golf Slang term for hitting the ground behind the ball before impact with the ball. Also known as a "Fat" shot or "Chunk".

Chunk: "Chunk" refers to a type of contact where the club hits the ground behind the ball before impact. Also known as a "Fat" shot. The club actually digs deeply into the turf behind the ball, taking a rather large divot or "Chunk" of turf.

Cuban: A term relating to the putting action where the ball stops just short of dropping into the "Cup". The ball "Needs One More Revolution"!

Golf Slang D:


Dance floor: Golf Terms relating to "Dance Floor" is commonly referring to the "Green" which has a very smoooooth surface!

Dawn patrol: The Golf Slang term "dawn patrol" refers to golfers who tend to play at sunrise. "Dawn patrol" is similar to "Dew Sweepers".

Dew Sweepers: "Dew sweepers" is a reference to players in a Professional Tournament who, in the third or fourth round of the tournament, have the earliest Tee times when the "Dew" is still on the Golf Course!

Die It in the hole: On the putting green, when putting the ball towards the hole and it loses the last of its momentum, but still drops into the "Cup", it is referred to as "Die It in the Hole"

Dog Track: When a golf course is in poor condition, the derogatory term "Dog track" is sometimes used for that course. It is also known as a "Goat track".

Double Eagle: A hole played three (3) strokes under Par. Also known as an "Albatross". Double eagles almost always occur on par five holes when a golfer "Holes" their second shot.

Dribbler: A shot that "Dribbles" forward only a few feet, usually without getting airborne. (This is commonly termed a "Fat Shot" as well.

Duck Hook: A "Duck hook" is considered a severe "hook" to the left (usually caused by a closed clubface) and "ducks," sharply to the ground, running off to the golfer's left. Another term associated with a Duck Hook, is a "Snap Hook".

Duffer: The derogatory term, "Duffer" is a Golf Slang term for an "inexperienced" or mediocre golfer. Another term similarly used is a "Hacker"!

'Trees Taunt You' is part of Golf Slang

E (Sorry no "E" terms available)

Golf Slang F:


Fan: A "Slang Term" meaning to miss the ball completely. Also known as a "Whiff" (this in tournament play, counts as a stroke).

Flatstick: "Flatstick" is a Slang term for a Putter, because the face of the typical putter has only about a 3-4 degree loft, which is very close to "Flat".

Flop shot: A golf shot which is hit quite high and short, which upon contact with the Green, rolls very little and stops. The ball is "Flopped" onto the putting surface.

Flub: A "Flub Shot" is basically a poor, disastrous golf shot which inevitably causes a loss in scoring!

Foot Wedge: Golf Terms referring to "Foot wedge" is slang for a way to assist a golfer in cheating his way out of trouble! It is where the golfer uses his "foot" to nudge the ball into a better lie.

Four-jack: A Golf Slang term for taking "four putts" to get the ball in the hole on any given Green.

Fried Egg: "Fried Egg" is a slang term relating to the appearance of a ball buried in a Sandtrap. Only the top half of the ball is visible, which makes it look like a "Sunny-Side-Up" egg located in the sandtrap. Also known as "Plugged".

Frog Hair: "Frog hair" is a golf slang term for the Apron or Fringe, which is the closely mown grass surrounding the Green.

Gimme: In non-tournament play, a "Gimmie" refers to a Putt that playing partners agree can count automatically without actually being played. A (Tap-In") Therefore, conceding the score for that Putt.

Goat Track: When a golf course is in poor condition, the derogatory term "Goat track" is sometimes used for that course. It is also known as a "Dog track".

Grow teeth: This is a Slang term used for when a golfer begs the ball to "stop quickly"!

'Golf Fishing' is part of Golf Slang

We hope you have found this Golf Language list on "Slang" informative and fun!

Please remember that Golf Terminology is a vital part of the Game.

Thanks again for visiting us!


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