Learn How To Play Golf
The Right And Easy Way

HOW TO PLAY GOLF 101 - An Introduction To The Game Of Golf - - -

We have developed a method for learning how to play golf the "Right and Easy Way", and we are calling it "Golf 101".

Why play golf? Golf is a wonderful and exciting sport. Playing golf gives you an opportunity to be outdoors in a beautiful setting with expansive grassy areas, some mowed very precisely, and some in its natural state. There is also an abundance of trees, shrubs, and flowers, along with stone walls and walkways.

There are not many places more beautiful than a golf course early in the morning with dew still on the grass, along with a multitude of birds and small animals (on our home-course we also enjoy deer and milk cows!) beginning a new day. Many courses have streams, ponds, lakes, and waterfalls within and outside the boundaries of the playing areas.

Golf Is A Social And Challenging Game

Golf is a sport in which you can have a fun and heart-warming social experience with companions of your choice, and a golf course is also a wonderful place to meet new friends!

How to play golf includes playing your own ball

You can play golf as just a great social interaction and/or take delight in the challenge of becoming very skillful at the game itself. You can play golf your entire life and can always improve upon your ability and skills to play the game.

Obviously there are those who take the game very seriously and play for high stakes as well as make their living playing the game. Its important to learn golf the right way!

Golf Has A Downside

There is a downside to the game however. Playing the game can be very intimidating and frustrating for beginners as well as more experienced players.

The vast majority of people learn how to play golf when friends "invite them along" to try the game for the first time. Well-meaning players will teach you how to hold the clubs, hit the ball, and how to swear profusely!

Remember The First Time You Drove An Automobile?

The first experience at playing golf is similar to learning how to drive a car for the first time, especially if it is a stick-shift or standard transmission.

The proper way in learning how to drive a car is to study and learn all the rules, take a written test to make sure you are aware of all the traffic signs, regulations, penalties and nuances of driving a vehicle.

Then of course the next challenge is to take the physical driving test! Before you do that you would have driven around a large empty parking lot with someone showing you the ropes, until you had some confidence with the act of driving itself.

When you are riding along in a friend's car (which has a standard transmission) in a busy downtown area and they pull over and ask you to drive when you have never driven before, is similar to playing golf for the first time!

Golf 101 - The Method

The primary idea of "Golf 101" is to gain a basic understanding about the game before you go to the golf course for the first time, and have a degree of confidence before playing. It is very intimidating and humiliating otherwise. Being taught how to play golf by well-meaning friends is a problem because it is very difficult to correct bad habits later!

Taking Professional Lessons

Taking lessons from a professional before playing is a good idea. However, the "Pro" will usually start you with swinging the golf club and hitting balls on golf driving ranges, and charging you anywhere from $75 to $200 or more for a one hour lesson.

There is much more to playing golf than what you will gain in initial lessons with a professional. I certainly advocate taking lessons from a qualified professional, but it needs to be at the right time and under the proper conditions.

A beginner golf lesson is necessary to initiate the process of learning the game.

Golf 101 Concepts

The most important concept in "Golf 101" is that you will learn how to play golf in a very unique way, and with a vastly different approach to the "Traditional" learning process.

The "Traditional" approach to learning the game is to start at the Driving Range with the driver and irons and begin to learn the "Golfswing". Generally the last part of the teaching is the golf short game and Putting instruction.

Within the "Golf 101" approach, we teach the basic golf glossary involved in the game, including explaining elements of the golf course along with providing actual pictures of those golf course elements.

Many questions regarding playing the game for the first time will be answered up front, including the golf basics. Golf clubs are discussed in detail, along with the golf ball and the many accessories utilized in playing the game. You will basically learn how far a ball will travel on average when hit with a particular club, and why.

(See golf club distance chart for details)

The history of the game and equipment will be addressed as well.

(See The History of Golf)

The idea is to learn the putting game first, then the golf short game, followed by the fairway and approach concepts, and finally the "Golf Long Game" utilizing the Driver.

Basically the game of golf will be taught as a "class room environment" first, then the actual golf game.

Following are the sequential steps to learning how to play golf the fun way! :

Basic First Steps:

  • Learn "about" the game of golf
  • Understand the history of the game, including origin of the golf club, balls, and tees
  • Gain knowledge of the basic terminology involved
  • Understand how golf etiquette is involved
  • Have a basic understanding of the Rules of Golf
  • Know what the elements of the physical golf course are and what they look like
  • Learn all about the golf club, how they are made and used
  • Learn about the golf ball, tee and the many accessories

All the above learning is just to understand the golf basics of how to golf before you even hold a golf club in your hands! So if you want to learn how to play golf the easy way from the ground up, and have a lot of fun in the process, "Golf 101" is for you!

(See other pages within this Website about golf tips for beginners)


    Begin by taking professional lessons and practicing diligently on the following items in this specific order:

  1. Learning the Putting Game and become proficient on the Putting Green!
  2. Learn to Chip the ball onto the Putting Green.
  3. Become proficient at Pitching the Ball onto the Putting Green.
  4. Get a very good handle on extracting the golf ball from greenside and fairway Sand Bunkers.
  5. By working on the Driving Range, become very good at the intermediate game of fairway play; hitting your longer irons (8-iron thru 5-iron), hybrids and fairway woods such as the 5-Wood and 3-Wood golf clubs.
  6. Learn to drive the ball off the Tee, by starting with the 3-Wood and then the Driver.
  7. Play your first nine holes of golf with your golf instructor!
  8. Be sure to play from the correct Tee Box for your game! (If you cannot reach the Greens-In-Regulation, move up to a closer Tee Box for Driving the ball from the Tee)

In the next segment we will proceed to learning how to play golf. Stay tuned! (Oh, and by the way, we are preparing a complete "E-Book" on the subject of "Golf 101", be on the lookout for it!

How to play golf includes learning the fundamentals!

We hope this article gives you an idea of the sequence on how to play golf the way it should be learned!

Thanks again for Visiting Us!


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