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"May Thy Ball Lie In Green Pastures, and not in still waters!" ~ Ben Hogan

Proven Golf Tips for Every Phase of Your Golf Game


This website is all about providing excellent free golf tips based upon in-depth research on the principles and techniques utilized in playing the golf game.

There is a variance of opinion on most golf instruction available today, even among the top 100 PGA instructors and Pro Golfers.

We have selected the most popular viewpoint and consensus of opinion on teaching golf among these top coaches and Pro Golfers. This information has been provided in the form of detailed golf training tips.

Practical Golf Coaching Tips in Clear, Concise Format

Included is practical golf swing instruction for the beginning golfer, intermediate players, and advanced golfers. All tips are listed by subject for easy selection and retrieval.

This free golf instruction is written in clear, concise language that you can;

Learn Today ... Apply Tomorrow

Included are:

  • Diagrams
  • Illustrations
  • Videos

We have included a glossary of golf terminology specific to each critical golf related word and phrase used within the golf training tips, as there are differing opinions even within these areas.

There are also rules of golf specific to each category included where applicable.

These precise coaching tips will cover all areas of your golf game, including (but not limited to):

  • Golf Putting Game
  • Golf Short Game
  • Golf Long Game
  • Golf Course Strategy
  • Golf Mental Game
  • Golf Fitness Tips
  • Golf Etiquette
  • Golf Faults
  • Golf Drills
  • Golf Training Equipment

Famous Golf Quote; Here is a complicated Golf Tip

If you are interested in the History of Golf, we have included quite a large section on the Origin of Golf, as well as tracing its development throughout the ages. We also reveal a lot of historical information on the equipment used in playing the game; such as Vintage Golf Clubs, Vintage Golf Balls, and the history of Golf Tees!

It is very important that we receive your comments and suggestions on tips, facts, and ideas presented within this website, so we can make them even more reliable and usable for all visiting Golf Players. Thanks in advance for your participation!

We hope you enjoy this website and the information contained within.

Have fun reaching a Lower Golf Score!

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By the way, the image below represents the basic historical evolution of the Golf Ball!

Evolution of the Golf Bal

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