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This article is about Putting Tips and how you can use them to improve your overall Golf Scores. But first I would like to share an overview of the "Golf Putting Game".

The majority of players, instructors, and the general public involved with golf consider Putting part of the "Golf Short Game". I believe Putting to be a game all of its own within the game of golf! For instance, Putting has a very unique set of characteristics;

  • Golf Putters are a significantly different club utilized in propelling the ball
  • The Putter is used 2 to 3 times more than any other club in the bag, and comprises 40 to 45% of the entire game!
  • A much different setup is used within the "Putting Game"; Stance, Posture, and Ball Position
  • A completely different stroke (or swing) is required. And there are several different strokes and methodologies involved in the process of "Holing" the ball
  • There is a complete "science" within the process of "reading golf greens"
  • It is improving the Putting Game within the Golf Game, which provides the opportunity to realize a Lower Golf Score the quickest and the easiest way!
  • On average if you stop 3 Putting, and start and begin averaging 2 Putts per Hole (about 34 to 36 putts during an 18-Hole game), that means with just that one change you will drop your Golf Scores around 18 strokes in one game! Wow! (See Putting Practice)

There are a lot more characteristics that are unique within the "Golf Putting Game", but I wanted to just list some of the more important ones in this article.

The many Golf Putting Tips you will find on this website are sure to help you lower your Golf Handicap.

Putting Tips to Lower Golf Scores

1. Attitude: A complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values, and a deposition to act in certain ways.

One of the most important attributes of being an excellent putter is to have the right attitude!

You need to have written positive mental affirmations concerning your ability to putt expertly, and you must enjoy and actually love putting!

Top Professional Tour Players see themselves as great putters. You need to have that same "Picture" of yourself.

2. Confidence: Freedom from doubt, belief in yourself and your abilities.

    It is critical that you develop an unshakeable belief in your ability to Putt well. You must believe you can sink every putt, no matter what!

Great Putting Tips include building Confidence

3. Visualization: A mental image that is similar to a visual perception.

You must visually "see" the putt with your "Mind's Eye". Track the path of the ball going into the hole. Do this three times before stroking the ball. Feel and hear the ball dropping in the cup just prior to execution! There is nothing in the game of golf sweeter than the sound of a golf ball "rattling" in the cup!

Visualizing a successful putt is one of many great Putting Tips

4. Relaxation: A gradual lengthening of inactive muscle fibers.

One of your first priorities should be the relaxation of your body and mind! It is very difficult to stay quiet during the putting stroke with good rhythm and tempo while having tension throughout the body.

Being relaxed is one of many good Putting Tips

5. Concentration: Complete attention; intense mental effort.

As golfers, we find it very difficult to maintain our concentration throughout the entire 18-Hole round of golf. Sometimes we just don't have the Mental Stamina to concentrate and focus for 3 ½ to 4 hours playing a very complex and technical game.

Acquiring a high-degree of Golf Concentration at select moments is most important.

Concentration is one of many good Putting Tips

Focus on the target! When we are "Playing-In-The-Moment", whatever is on our mind is receiving all of our focus. Become centered and precisely clear on what is most relevant while "Playing-In-The-Now". As the mind travels, surely the body will follow!

These are just a few Golf Putting Tips to facilitate your game improvement efforts. There are many more within the contents of this website. We hope this article helps you to become a better, happier golfer.

Thanks again for visiting us!

Utilize those Putting Tips!


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